Making of Documentary and Trailer Creation

I used Sony Vegas to create a short video that showed some of my inspirations, process and thoughts. I really enjoyed filming the footage and compiling it with the music. I asked Sam if I could use some of his music to accompany the footage, he has a lot of music that he has made over the years so I took a look through and found some that had the right kind of vibes for my game – kind of melancholy but not miserable.

I then made a short trailer for my game, a little compilation of some of the more interesting scenes to show the different areas and atmospheres. I used some more of Sam’s music.

Also, I filmed a playthrough of the game for anyone who can’t get it working for whatever reason or doesn’t fancy playing it : )

Here’s a little screenshot of what the project looks like in Sony Vegas. I find it’s a really easy and intuitive program to use and would recommend for people that aren’t that technologically inclined. Basically all you have to do is drag and drop. : ) I think editing videos is actually really satisfying and fun and I’m glad that I’ve learnt the basics so that I can use them in the future if I ever want to make any other videos, maybe for youtube? Who knows…

Vegas proj em.PNG

I also recorded myself going through my project file and explaining the different objects and rooms and how they all work. It might provide some insight? Who knows…

Here is the updated playthrough of my final version for hand-in. I updated a few things so it feels a bit more complete and professional.


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