Promotional Material

For the events I wanted to make some promotional stuff to give out such as stickers, mini prints or bookmarks as a little thankyou for playing my game and so they can find my websites and social media. I also need to make a really large (2m long) image for the banner to advertise my game, so that’s going to take quite a while. I would have liked to have gotten some made in time for hand in but it seems like time won’t allow that : ) So I’ll be working on that in the weeks leading up to the events.

But I wanted to just get some of my ideas down in sketches, so here are some rough doodles of what I was imagining and brainstorming some possible things to make.


I then took one of my banner designs and expanded upon it digitally. I added some creatures in the background and made the landscape more three-dimensional to lead to the eye forward. The colours were quite tough to get right, as I wanted a more dramatic look with more eye-catching colours so I had to tweak the colours from my game to be brighter and more contrasting.


I think it looks quite effective and interesting. I wanted to include a hint of the creatures and get across the stifling and eerie atmosphere of the surface.

I wanted to make a Tshirt to wear to the shows so I quickly cut a stencil of my logo and used some fabric markers I bought from ikea a while ago (came in handy like I thought they might) Now I am looking at it in pictures I’m thinking that it might look a bit like blood, but I don’t have time to change it now. But after deadline, I will probably add some details or something in other colours to make it look not quite so much like blood.


I was doing a bit of thinking about what kind of things I want to give out at the shows, like postcards, stickers etc. and decided that I want to collect donations for an environmental charity either by ‘selling’ prints for donations or a sort of giveaway where people would donate say £1 and be entered into a giveaway for a bigger prize like a commission or the handmade plushie of Digby I was planning to make. Originally, I was just going to print some postcards to give out for free but I think expanding to include some more special items and asking for donations instead would be a good way to hopefully raise some money for a good cause that’s relevant to the themes of my game, which I care a lot about : )


I also sketched a little plan for how I’m thinking I want to set up my booth. My game is going to be in one of the arcade cabinets that the Uni has, but I would like a table to show some of the concept art, sketches and things to donate for such as prints. My cabinet is going to be printed a sort of brick red-y orange, but I was thinking I might paint some details on it with acrylics or something, like a horizon or stars or clouds or something, just to make it look a bit more eye-catching.

I did some research into some environmental charities, mainly ones based in the UK. I want to pick a good cause to donate to, but it’s hard to pick between them.

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I had a go at making some little cards to give out to people with my info and the info for the London show. These aren’t proper business cards as I haven’t had time to work on those, and I’m thinking I want to invest in a nice domain name before I print them, to look more professional. Hopefully I can get some better business cards done for the London show, but these should be ok for the moment, just in case I get the chance to hand some out or I’m caught needing to give me details to someone easily.




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